EICMA 2019 is over and we are looking back on an successful event. To give you a better overview of all the models we have presented at the biggest motorcycle exhibition in Europe, here is a short summary.

Crossfire 500 & Crossfire 500 X

The long-awaited Brixton bike with 500 cc has become a reality. The two models Crossfire 500 and the robust sister model Crossfire 500 X match the concept bike in almost every way. Even the X-Tank, which many feared that would remain a “show gag”, was able to be put into series production. Implementing the BRIXTON DNA down to the last detail was the responsibility of an international Brixton Motorcycles design team.

Our biggest ever engines are driven by a two-cylinder in-line engine which, at 35 kW, offers the maximum power permitted in the fast-growing A2 segment (driving licence obtainable from the age of 18).

crossfire 500

Crossfire 125 XS

Another model under the Crossfire name is the Brixton minibike Crossfire 125 XS. Like the top-of-the-range model, the minibike is characterised by its sharp lines, which are particularly apparent in the X-Tank. Purpose built for pure fun, the bike is perfect for thrill-seeking riders.

mini bike 1

Crossfire 125

The Crossfire 125 will be our first 125cc motorcycle with a water-cooled engine. With its iconic X branded fuel tank, this motorcycle is another addition to the Crossfire design line.

crossfire 125

Rayburn 125

The Rayburn 125 is designed for the independent riders who want to drive their own path, and also the inner-city cousin of the Sunray. The more classic styled bike features a spring-mounted single seat, leather tool bag and subtle dark-blue paint.


Felsberg 125 XC

Built in the image of a classic enduro, the Felsberg 125 XC is based on the Felsberg 125 but has a bigger front wheel, a higher mudguard and series-standard underbody protection.


Grown-up Concept bike

We also wanted to give an outlook on the next development stage of Brixton Motorcycles at EICMA. The most powerful engine we’ve ever conceived, this prototype combines throwback style with pure speed. From the preliminary sketch to the 3D renderings and the clay model, the entire concept bike was created at the our own design centre. One of our stated goals is to bring this bike into the series too. But we wants to take our time in creating a technically mature vehicle that exceeds the high quality standards in these displacement classes. So stay tuned!

  concept bike



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